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The Evolution of the Outdoor Dining Programs in California

Dining “al fresco” was one of the few bright spots during the bleak pandemic. Governments granted temporary use of parking spaces and alleyways to keep restaurants afloat when the ban on indoor dining persisted. Restaurant owners found that outdoor dining remained the preference for many customers, even after dining rooms reopened. Sunlight, fresh air, the casual setting, and the scenery made the outdoor dining experience more inviting. 

MODSTREET designed modular steel parklets, fencing, barricades, and planters to facilitate this new way of life for restaurateurs. Now, many cities in California are granting permits or licenses for permanent outdoor dining spaces. Here are updates on the evolution of outdoor dining in California. 

outdoor dining in California


Our CA Projects

MODSTREET has helped create design and safety standards for many CA community’s

MODSTREET Elevates Outdoor Dining in Santa Cruz

In Santa Cruz, restaurants can now acquire permanent usage of outdoor areas with a permit. MODSTREET is the vendor of choice in Santa Cruz, having outfitted several restaurants and retail shops with beautiful barriers, canopies, and roofing, to make outdoor dining an option 365 days a year. Setting the standard for parklet design, MODSTREET transformed parking spaces into breathtaking escapes for diners to relax in Santa Cruz. 

Danville and San Francisco Make Parklets Permanent

During the pandemic, restaurant owners in San Francisco and nearby Danville saw an increased demand for outdoor dining. But they also fielded complaints about the surroundings. MODSTREET stepped in and worked closely with San Francisco city officials to create safe, weather-resistant products that transformed outdoor dining in Danville and San Francisco. Now, outdoor diners revel in the amazing cuisine around San Francisco. Here are a few ways MODSTREET revolutionized the outdoor dining experience. 

  • Elegant, yet removable, flooring for easy cleaning and versatile layouts
  • Quick-release panels for optimal access to fire suppression systems
  • Multiple canopy, shading, enclosure, and roofing options for a curated atmosphere
  • Modular steel components to withstand collisions and harsh weather 

Restaurateurs in Santa Barbara Seek Outdoor Dining Permits

The city of Santa Barbara now offers outdoor licenses for restaurant owners who complete an application. Submitting photos, a site plan, proposed barriers, and the number of tables and chairs are a few of the requirements. This is easy to accomplish by partnering with MODSTREET ahead of the application process. Our team quickly devises the best use of your space and helps you envision the right configuration. We supply all of the necessary elements, including floor tiles, fencing, planters, and more, so you can submit the exact dimensions. 

San Mateo Jumps on the Permanent Parklet Bandwagon

In May 2022, San Mateo joined the growing list of California cities making outdoor dining permanent. San Mateo restaurants can now apply for a parklet permit for outdoor seating. Restaurant owners can use the parking spaces in front of their restaurant in commercial districts, with the exception of parking spots along El Camino Real. Business owners in San Mateo are turning to MODSTREET to replicate the success they’ve created for other markets like Santa Cruz, Danville, and San Francisco.

Carpinteria Updates Outdoor Dining Encroachment Regulations

The city of Carpinteria has also revised encroachment regulations to allow outdoor dining along Linden Avenue and Carpinteria Road, also known as the “Downtown T.” Applicants must submit information including the type of materials, dimensions, and location of the proposed items. Restaurant owners should contact MODSTREET to design the layout beforehand, so they have the details they need for permit approval. Our experienced designers offer custom solutions for any space, and we know all the tips to get your plan approved.  

Two things are clear after the pandemic. Outdoor dining is here to stay. And California is the prime location to dine al fresco. Residents and tourists don’t flock to the Golden State to sit inside! From the sun-drenched coastlines of Santa Barbara to the iconic streetcars of San Francisco, California is the ultimate outdoor dining destination. Contact MODSTREET today to make your California outdoor dining space the highlight of each diner’s day.

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