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Revitalization in downtown’s across America

Revitalization in downtown’s across America

Downtowns across America play a vital role in showcasing a community’s character. Due to the changing needs of communities over the past few decades, we have seen municipalities across the United States take part in revitalization efforts in their downtowns. 

They are rethinking their urban design as we have seen old industrial buildings undergoing transformations to become urban shopping centers and mixed-use venues. Today, more and more downtowns across America are attracting many tourists and young residents thanks to their green, walkable, vibrant, and art-filled scenes.

Different Ways Downtowns Across America Are Making a Comeback

Downtown revitalization involves creating vibrant, resilient, and relaxing places that locals and visitors enjoy visiting. This could include entertainment venues, cozy places to meet new friends, eat and shop, as well as relaxing natural spaces. Below are some of the most common revitalization efforts seen across downtowns in America:

Constructing Specialized Parklets

Custom parklets, fences, planters, and barricades have effectively transformed downtowns to create a secure, distinct, and eye-catching space. Due to their high-quality and flexible nature, these modular products are used in different creative ways by communities and retailers alike. 

For instance, restaurants can use specialized parklets to offer outdoor dining facilities, while municipalities and local governments can also use them to create public seating spaces. 

Designing Fences, Planters, and Barricades

Fences, planters, and barricades can also come in handy when decorating special events. They have also been effective in creating distinct partitions to reflect the character of a community. 

Fences and barricades have also become a favorite in creating biking and walking zones to promote a green and walkable urban setting. As a result, these modular products guarantee the safety of locals and tourists while modifying the style of the area. 

Other downtowns have also incorporated the use of enclosures together with their parklets to provide comfortable sitting spaces suitable for harsh weather conditions. These enclosures are a favorite among many due to their wide range of use.

Design and Execution of Micro-mobility Homes at City Transit Stops

Many young professionals prefer living downtown as they focus on building their careers before starting a family and moving to suburban towns. Some people prefer living without a vehicle for healthy living. 

Thus, many municipalities and local governments appreciate this lifestyle change and have made keen efforts to create different downtown residential options. This includes developing micro-mobility homes near city transit stops. Not only does this allow residents to move around easily, but it also encourages more people to relocate to these areas.

Providing Guidance on the Design and Development of Outdoor Dining Areas, Streetscapes, Small Parks, Mobile Stages, and Entertainment Spaces

While more and more investors are looking to join the wave of making downtowns across America great again, municipalities and local governments are offering guidance on the rapidly changing urban planning designs. 

Thanks to experienced professionals like those from MODSTREET©, it is now easier to get creative ideas for revitalizing a community’s downtown area. These professionals will also assist you in acquiring the relevant documentation and permits to ascertain compliance with local and federal laws.

Your Trusted Downtown Revitalization Partner

Launched and based in Durango, CO, MODSTREET is ready to help re-envision downtowns across America. We are passionate about meeting the needs of communities and providing spaces that benefit communities and retailers alike. 

Our team of professionals has the relevant know-how to revitalize any downtown area by altering the current urban planning standards that have been in use since inception. Contact us today for more information about our modular products and services. You can also review our portfolio to see our success stories on the past downtown revitalization projects we have participated in.

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